The only large SDW association in Uzbekistan


Disposal of solid household waste in the Kibray region

To date, it is planned to be implemented by Rakhnamo Service Limited Liability Company, which is a member of the Association and provides services for the removal of solid domestic waste in the Kibray district of the Tashkent region. Within the framework of this project, the waste generated by 172,300 residents of the Kibray district is sorted, and the secondary waste contained in the waste is separated and


Waste recycling: creation and implementation

Waste refers to the reprocessing of a task or task, usually when the first one is interrupted, performed incorrectly, or the results are not very good. This process can help people who need to change in order to solve their problems, find new approaches, and ultimately achieve their goals. There are several important skills and steps involved in recycling:


The impact of industrial waste on nature

The impact of industrial waste on nature usually includes many changes that can be observed in the natural environment, ecology, people and the structure of waste itself. These changes may lead to additional environmental impacts, environmental changes and human health impacts. Here are some examples of how industry can show the impact of waste on nature: