The only large SDW association in Uzbekistan

Association activities

In the course of its activities, the Association, together with organizations that are members of the Association, serves to achieve the following goals.

Coordination of the activities of organizations included in the association, as well as the expression and protection of their common property interests;

Assistance and support to members of the association in carrying out their commercial activities within the framework of the law, in organizing their activities related to the collection and removal of household waste on the basis of public-private partnership

We help to establish the right economic relations between members of the association

Assistance to organizations that are members of the association in organizing exhibitions, fairs, presentations, conferences, business forums, cooperation exchanges in the Republic of Uzbekistan and abroadx

coordinates the investment, commercial, scientific, technical and economic activities of its members

Protection of the interests of the members of the association in government bodies, as well as in foreign countries, participation in conferences, seminars, symposiums and other meetings


Our services

Поддержка ассоциации

Служба утилизации отходов также помогает партнерам организовать систему в этом отношении.

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Услуги по переработке

Сотрудничать с членами ассоциации, оказывать им юридическую и консультационную помощь

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Утилизация отходов

Переработка отходов в соответствии с новейшими технологиями и требованиями времени

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